THUNDERBOLTS #38-39 (2000): Zemo dies

Hawkeye thinks a lot, providing the reader some background about last arc, and nearly falls to his death after kissing Karla.

And then Citizen V appears.

We learn that Citizen V is being attacked by her own battalion.

And we learn her identity at last.

The Battalion wants to revoke her Citizen V status.

And we are shown the connection with Crimson Cowl.

Citizen V is not the only big revelation in these issues.

We finally see that the person who killed Baron Zemo was a new Scourge.

Zemo and Scourge fight.

Their battle takes up most of issue #39.

Zemo loses and dies, but as he is dying he unmasks Scourge, but the readers aren’t shown his face.

Lots of unmaskings in these issues. And there’s lots of hints to Scourge’s true identity in the sequences above.

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