NEW WARRIORS #58-59 (1995)

Yitzhak Rabin’s limo gets attacked.

That’s how this starts. So you know it won’t be great. I get that Marvel wanted to do something–anything–to save themselves, and expanding beyond New York City isn’t a bad idea but…Yeah. It kind of is.

He’s attacked by an all-Muslim team. The New Warriors get involved. So does Sabra.

There’s really not much here worth writing about. But at least Speedball gets his ass kicked.

Only we’ll learn later that that isn’t even Speedball. It’s a fake Speedball.

They fight. They team up. Meh.

Actually, there is one thing worth writing about. A cut scene shows a woman named Rina Patel seeing herself in the future as a heroine (her name will be Timeslip) and as part of a new New Warriors team that includes Ben Reilly (ugh).

The final page leads directly into next issue’s Nova crossover.

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