Captain America #189-192 (1975)


I miss Steve Englehart badly. 

Falcon is still in a coma, and most of this story occurs in his head.  Seriously.  SHIELD figures out that Red Skull messed with Falcon’s mind using the Cosmic Cube, so now Captain America and a bunch of delusions have to fight Falcon until he snaps out of it.

Then Deadly Nightshade (the werewolf whisperer from #164) shows up and hypnotizes all the SHIELD agents.

So Falc and Cap go against all of them.

After he snaps out of it.

You have to love their bromance.

Later, Falcon fights Stilt-Man.

Let’s just rip the bandaid off. These books are terrible.

2 thoughts on “Captain America #189-192 (1975)”

  1. Yes, this whole, entire period of ‘Captain America&the Falcon’ sucks to high Heaven, but I’ll tell you THIS: Deadly Nightshade wouldn’t have to ask ME twice! ( my love could save her! )


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