Thor MAX: Vikings #1–5 (2003-2004)

Garth Ennis(!) pits Thor against Zombie Vikings.  OK, I’m definitely in.

This was a MAX title, but it IS canon.  It starts with the kind of brutality usually found in Ennis’ indie publisher books…

In the second century, some Vikings do their raping and pillaging, but as they leave—heading for The New World–the last surviving member of the village puts a curse on them.  As a result, they sail for 1000 years, dying along the way but kept alive by the curse.  Finally, the zombie ship arrives in New York, the Vikings get off and start doing their customary raping and pillaging.  Here’s the newscast…

Thor takes them on, but they’re supernaturally strong.  The leader, Harald, does something cool and smart: He breaks Thor’s arms, knocks him out, chains him to Mjolnir, and uses the “curse” of the hammer (that nobody can lift it except Thor) to weigh Thor down—sending him to the bottom of the Hudson.

Thor crawls out of the water and finds Doctor Strange waiting for him.  Their combination of godlike might and mysticism enable them to save the day. 

The third act is fantastic and since he can’t die, Harald is hurled into orbit where he circles the Earth forever.


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