Uncanny X-Men #261 (1990): 1st Bliss

I’m going to say one thing at the outset: Chris Claremont loves introducing new characters and working with a massive cast. But the guys above, the Harriers? Most of them are never seen again. I’ve group-tagged them in event I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Story: Psylocke recently got leveled up and Jubilee recently got “discovered,” and both of them have been teaming with Wolverine.  So, in true warrior fashion, Logan hires mercenaries (the Harriers) to “sneak attack,” kidnap him, and test if these two ladies are ready for prime time.

Psylocke and Jubilee track him down, refusing help from Rose Wu and Wolverine’s Madripoor friends. And they stage their ridiculous rescue.

There’s also a few “check-ins” with other X-members and some of Wolverine’s Madripoor team. Jean Grey meets a new Morlock, Bliss.

And Donald Pierce offers to make Cylia Markham a Reaver. She was a pilot hurt in a crash and blames Banshee.

It’s a mostly self-contained issue. These are welcome in a series that is so continuity heavy that it makes my head hurt.

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