Uncanny X-Men #421-422 (2003): Rules of Engagement

Havok wakes up from his coma and Polaris asks him to marry her.

I’m guessing that’s why this arc is called “Rules of Engagement.”

Also, Angel is now dating Husk, which leads Cyclops to make a very bad joke about statutory rape.

Oh, and Alpha Flight show up to take custody of Squidboy, who is from Canada.  This is building on their decision that “Alpha Flight is for the children!” which happened as a result of the birth of Claire Hudson in Unlimited X-Men #45

Juggernaut has befriended young Squidboy, so this leads to a fight.  A really stupid fight. Squidboy goes with the Alphas in the end, and he and Juggernaut have a teary goodbye where Juggernaut gives the lad his helmet as a keepsake.

Uh…Doesn’t he need that?  I thought it protected him from telepathic attacks?


These certainly are not the worst Uncanny X-Men books ever, but they’re also not close to being the best.

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