Double-sized with two stories. In the first one, this happens:

Hulk beats up the Hollywood sign until it says “Hulk.”

That’s worth four bucks.

Afterwards, he does a romp though LA landmarks including Universal Studios.

Hulk does this because he’s tired of the army chasing him around and trying to catch him.

Basically, it’s a mayhem story and the fun of it is only marginally lessened by his companion, Rikki Jones, who is constantly trying to be reasonable.

In story #2, Doctor Strange experiences two Hulks–one in the 616 and one in the Heroes Reborn dimension, where Franklin inserted Bannerless Hulk. Or something like that. I don’t really understand how there are two Hulks now, but whatever. Doc tries to get 616 Hulk to stop rampaging, helps the Fantastic Four and Iron Man fight him (a two-page Thing/Hulk fight happens), and closes by telling him that what he really wants is to be “whole” again. Hulk sheds a tear but runs off.

Meh. Definitely one of the lesser stories of Peter David’s run, but one of the best stories of the Heroes Reborn dimension. So it’s a wash.

At least Strange straddling both realities indicates that this horrible Heroes Reborn thing is getting close to ending.

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