Punisher War Journal #59-60 (1993)

Punisher takes his girl home to meet his dog.

Incidentally, his dog is named Max, and Punisher: MAX will be the best Punisher title of all time. I thought he’d killed the dog in issue #57 when Max was severely injured?

Punisher has booby traps in his lair–which leads to an Indiana Jones reference.

Anyway, the interesting character work in this story is that Lynn Michaels, a police officer, gradually becomes enamored of the vigilante lifestyle—rather than suddenly adopting it when someone like her husband/kid/parent gets killed.  And a very good plot point is that she is NOT a hostage in this story.

Max is.  He gets taken by a gang, and Pun gets him back.

Pun is also having more feelings about the dog than the woman.

Sadly, this is Max’s final appearance.

I’m a sucker for a good dog story.

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