DOCTOR STRANGE #38-40 (1992): The Great Fear

Dr. Strange takes on Donald Trump. 

Naturally, it’s a Nightmare story.

Actually, it’s an extended arc featuring other fear-based characters as well, like Scarecrow, D’Spayre, Lurking Unknown…

…Dweller in the Darkness, Fear Eater…

…And Daredevil.

The villains are loosely allied, but really competing over their similar territory.  Very cool idea.

The fear lords (as they call themselves) actually work fairly well together–they don’t dissolve in infighting as one would expect. After a series of mindgames, the culmination is them trying to get Stephen to kill himself…

…But his subconscious breaks through and melts the gun. It’s a little preachy afterwards, when Strange goes on a bit about the purpose of life–but that doesn’t detract from the fun of seeing all these fear demons working together.

A solid tale.

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