Uncanny X-Men #259-260 (1990)

I’m sure I’m not reading X-Men carefully enough.  Or I’m too stupid to follow it.

Colossus has no memory of who he is, and he’s teleported in the middle of a fight between Genoshan magistrates and Phillip Moreau, son of the Genoshan Genegineer, and his girlfriend Jennifer Ransome.  When we last saw them, Genosha had been freed from the evil Magistrates.  At least I thought they had.  But now, Moreau and Ransome are running away to the U.S.

I think Colossus having amnesia and being teleported has something to do with the destruction of the Siege Perilous, which had been hiding the X-Men from view while they lived in secret in Australia, but it’s not explained.

Anyway, he doesn’t remember that he has armor powers but he does still have a sense of chivalry, so he uses his combat training to help the two fugitives fend off the Magistrates.  Then he moves into the apartment building because he’s got no memory and nothing better to do.

Dazzler also has amnesia, and she ends up with Lila Cheney and her bodyguard Strong Guy (who is called “Guido”—he becomes Strong Guy in X-Factor).

Meanwhile, at an abandoned film studio, a kid finds the film for the unreleased Dazzler movie.

Dazzler tries to recover her memories by appearing at a club, and the kid-with-the-film goes to see her.  Of course, some robbers try to rob the club and Dazzler’s powers come out.  (Why didn’t Colossus’ powers come out during his fight?)

I think at the end of these two issues Dazzler agrees to help promote the release of the movie, but I’m not sure—it’s unclear.

There’s some brief check-ins with other X-Men threads—and there’s a lot of them.  Moira MacTaggert is trying to find Callisto, who has been kidnapped by some bad Morlocks.

Forge is tracking down Dazzler, and also getting visions that Shadow King is returning.  Baron Strucker’s son and daughter, know as Fenris, are trying to stop Forge’s search.

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