New Mutants #90-91 (1990)

Cable is the new leader of the team.

He knows that Sabretooth is still under New York, hunting Morlocks in the sewers, so he takes the New Mutants down there, trying to stop Sabretooth from his killing rampage. 

They are behaving like a paramilitary organization now.

Very quick transformation, which is either lazy writing or evidence that Cable’s a good leader.

They are also operating from under the wreckage of X-Mansion. And there’s a map.  I love maps!

This is a pretty quick change of leadership, but it also make sense—this team has always craved a leader (they’re young), and they’ve been in a leadership vacuum for a while now.

Louise Simonson scripted #90, and turns it over to Fabian Nicieza for #91.

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