PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #42-43/140-141 (2002)

Let me say at the top that I’m a big fan of Zeb Wells. His Lizard story on Amazing Spider-Man was fantastic. He made Runaways work long after its moment as a fan favorite series was over. He actually made me give a shit about Venom. I could go on.

He’s the guest writer here, paired with the always wonderful Jim Mahfood.

One thing about Zeb: He’s actually funny. In this story, Spider-Man goes to Jones Beach during Spring Break to investigate some musicians’ collective disappearance and ends up at a Kid Rock concert, passing through a bikini contest, and other hilarity.

It’s at the beach. The culprit is the only one who brings sand to the beach: Sandman.

The whole thing is genuinely funny and ridiculously stupid at the same time. Never mind that I though Sandman was supposed to be a good guy these days. It doesn’t matter.

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