In the absence of the heroes, who are busy in the pocket dimension, SHIELD has secured Avengers Mansion. But Hulk wants in and starts breaking everything. Apparently, he needs some notes written by Tony Stark to stop the dying process that began when he and Banner were separated. (I didn’t even realize that he was dying–so I guess I didn’t read Onslaught close enough.)

Spider-Man happens to swing by and tries to help subdue Hulk.

For some reason, Spider-Man webs up his own feet. Weird.

We haven’t seen much of him in years, but Aquarian also happens by. Not sure why or how.

There’s a super-Doombot also in the mansion.

Very random.

In a second story, by DeMatteis, Wolfman, Palmer and McLeod, Spider-Man teams up with Doctor Strange against Dracula.

It’s bad.

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