DEADPOOL #38-41 (2000): Johnny Handsome/Deadpool in Space

Loki cursed Deadpool…by making him handsome. This arc is basically Deadpool feeling horrible about being good looking for the first time since his days in Weapon X.

I’m kind of sick of stories where it’s a curse to be good looking or have powers.  Trust me, I’m adorable so I know: Being hot rocks.

Wade’s initial reaction is to cut his own face up, feed his own face to a lion, and do other self-effacing things (pun intended), but because of his healing factor it just snaps back into handsome. He even tries a nose-dive off a building to bust himself up.

deadpool handsome leaping

All these things wreck his costume, so he borrows a temporary one while new ones are being made.

For various reasons, he ends up needing to be room-mates with Constrictor and Titania.

Then, he gets his new costume (note that his teleporters are now on the back of his hands)…

And takes a job from Taskmaster that leads to Deadpool’s first space epic.

The covers are good but the story itself is a big comedown from Priest’s initial issues on his run.

Also note the first appearance of Dirty Wolff, a stand-in for DC’s ultrapopular Lobo character, who himself is often viewed as a foil for Deadpool. Meta gets meta.

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