VAMPIRE TALES #6-7 (1974)

The multi-part Morbius story that had been serialized in this magazine skips an issue. Instead, we get Lilith in her own solo story, along with the usual articles and “funny” features that fill this magazine each issue. The talent on these other stories is actually pretty good. Chris Claremont. Doug Moench. Vicente Alcazar. But they’re not canon so I’m not covering them.

The Lilith story is by Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, and Bob Brown. Respectable creators, all. She eats some muggers and then gives the what-for to a dude who killed some “immoral women” who led his daughter astray–and she ended up pregnant. It’s pretty typical Gerber, which is to say it’s well-written and overtly anti-conservative.

Issue #6 also reviews The Exorcist.

Issue #7 has nothing canonical other than the serialized Morbius story, which has its own post here. Actually, it does have one thing, on the letters page, an early weigh in from future creator Ralph Macchio.

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