DAREDEVIL #365-367 (1997): Joe Kelly run begins; 1st Gladiator 2

Writer Karl Kesel is done with his run. His artist, Cary Nord, sticks around for one issue and then Gene Colan takes over. Yes, THAT Gene colan.

Storywise, new writer Joe Kelly picks up where Kesel left off. Molten Man was a client of Roz Sharpe’s law firm during Kesel’s run, but now Liz Osborn–his employer–wants to hire them. As they show up, Mister Fear emerges and triggers Molten Man into fighting Osborn security.

At this point, Matt puts it all together: Grey Gargoyle and Insomnia both tried to get into Oscorp, and now Mister Fear is doing it. Only this time, with DD distracted by Molten Man, Fear succeeds in stealing some chemicals.

Trying to track Fear down, Matt visits one of Fear’s henchmen in jail. Fear attacks the jail, and that’s where we get the big finale. Fear induces a prison riot featuring no less than a new Gladiator (an inmate given weapons by Mister Fear).

He’s even more badass.

Matt Murdock fights his way through the rioters until he can put on his costume and save the day.

But Mister Fear escapes, and is at large at the end of the issue.

It seems a shame that Karl Kesel built up to this big event and then didn’t get to write his denouement. I wonder what happened.

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