Daredevil #253 (1988): 1st Wildboys “gang”

daredevil christmas issue

Another Christmas issue.

First, Ann Nocenti shows us how kids get influenced by O.G.s in the hood.  The O.G.S are The Wildboys, who will figure into Typhoid Mary’s master plan. The kids are the Fatboys gang, recurring characters for Ann Nocenti’s run.


A boy named Ralf steals Darla’s skateboard, but in the end is convinced by DD to give it back.

The title of this issue is “Merry Christmas, Kingpin.”

Kingpin’s parallel story never crosses to the heartwarming Daredevil side. A fly invades Kingpin’s highrise and, throughout the issue, he rants about Daredevil/Murdock and tries to kill the fly.  Unsuccessfully. Very nicely done by Ann Nocenti and John Romita, Jr.

But we also see that Kingpin is basically like Donald Trump, who once built a skyscraper that cast a shadow over an entire poor neighborhood and literally killed the trees in the park.
Except Kingpin is bald.

Yes, the unsmashable fly is sledgehammer symbolism, but it works well in this short, simple story.



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