IRON MAN #281-283 (1992): 1st Masters of Silence and 1st War Machine (kinda)

Last issue, we learned Tony Stark’s armor was making him sick.  In these issues, we see his competitors, Hydra, Yakuza Samurai, etc., plotting to jump into the breach.

There’s also a new gang called the Masters of Silence. They’re working for Hammer. They bust up Stark’s armor.

As a result, he transitions to a new suit and becomes…

War Machine.  Except no, he’s not.

He’s Iron Man.

He takes it for a test drive against some beefed up mandroids.

By #284, he’s back to his regular “Iron Man” logo.  Also during this story, while Tony is sick, Jim Rhodes takes an active role and gets a job offer from Nick Fury.

And so the seeds are sown for a War Machine comic starring Rhodey.

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