SECRET DEFENDERS #22-25 (1994-1995): Series Ends

I wonder how many people knew who Shadowoman was–or cared that she changes her name in this arc? I bet the number wasn’t close to the number of people who saw the cover to #22 and asked themselves, “Who is that woman in black coming out of Spider-Woman’s body?”

Changing the name is kind of a “whatever” decision, but the new costume is sooooo important. If we’re ever going to care about Shadowoman (we’re not), she’s got to stop looking like Spider-Woman.

In the last arc, Doctor Druid turned Shadowoman into a statue. In this issue she “talks” with some kind of demon and is able to break Druid’s spell (not clear how), and she attacks Druid.

But then he tells her they have to do a mission so she stops and instead of killing him changes her name.

That’ll teach him a lesson, huh?

Then a guy shows up with a floating head in a jar, Druid hires Drax, Dagger and Deathlok, and they all fight fake, mystical versions of the original Defenders. Oh, and the Fantastic Force are involved (so you know this sucks). Then Living Tribunal…Ugh. Just forget it. The best part of this arc is when Doctor Strange shows up at the end and tells Druid that his service is no longer required, and so Doctor Druid runs away into a mirror.

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