Secret Wars II #6 (1985)

After taking over all crime, every atom on Earth, and love itself, then beating up the Celestials, Beyonder decides to take over everything.  And for some reason, he needs a computer screen to lay out all his foes.

At this point, his motivation is completely bizarre.  He started out as a curious, omnipotent God, and now he’s just Dr. Doom with better hair.

He has dinner with Death.

And I hate to beat up Al Milgrom again (no I don’t, that’s a lie), but when Beyonder tricks death into drinking a potion that kills her, the art is just flat-out comical.  I mean, it looks like satire.  Especially The Watcher in a diaper.

From there, Uatu goes to Molecule Man’s apartment and literally begs him to get involved.  That Watcher vow of noninterference just means nothing, does it Uatu?

This is dumb. Beyonder can beat up death, but he can’t beat up Molecule Man?

The dumbness is summarized thusly:

It’s like they’re not even listening to each other. If there’s NOTHING they can do, then how exactly will Cap “give” Beyonder time? And if he’s so unimaginably powerful, why aren’t they talking to him–they’ve reasoned with him before. They’re just going to let him go nuts and “wait and see?”

Anyway, Beyonder brings Death back to life by the end of the issue, as if to say, “Yes, you’re right, nothing in this series matters and it will always be undone.”  Because that’s what happened in literally every single issue of this miniseries so far.


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