ROGUE #1-4 (1995)

Way back in Classic X-Men #44, we learned about Rogue’s first kiss–a boy named Cody Robbins–and how her boypal ended up in a coma.

In this miniseries, the Assassins Guild uses Cody as a pawn to lure out Rogue and Gambit–as vengeance for the events that occurred back in Gambit’s miniseries.

A number of Guild members appear for the first time in this series, like Gris-Gris and Questa, but they’re not important enough to tag individually. They only ever appear as members of the Guild.

It’s mostly Candra manipulating the Guild (and it’s said that the powered members of the Guild got their abilities from Candra), and Bella Donna fighting Rogue, with Cody’s comatose life in the balance. And he does end up dying in the end. This mini matters only to the extent that Cody’s death “matters.” And considering that up to now he’d been an afterthought in an 8-page back-up story in Classic X-Men, that’s not much.

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