FANTASTIC FOUR #111-116 (1971): 1st Overmind


Reed Richards’ cure of Thing is making him literally go crazy. He runs amok in New York and then happens to bump into Hulk.


Here’s the weird thing: The title on the comic is “The Thing Runs Amok” but look at what Reed is doing inside the comic.  He’s losing his mind and totally assaulting his landlord.  This happens in the next issue, too.  It’s one of the few ways the FF seem kinda…Batshit crazy.


It’s time for a fight.


The two destroy a lot of NYC until Reed accidentally shoots Ben.

And Ben is dead.

Except no of course he’s not. He’s back next issue, and so is Watcher, who warns the team about a new threat: Overmind.

Yes, this has nothing to do with the Hulk fight–the stories just flow together. Although Thing does toss in a reference.

The Overmind story is bonkers, and I’m not going into all of it because it’s also kind of boring. Very heavy exposition. He’s a castoff from The Eternals, basically, and he’s got the power to control minds. He possesses all of New York, and Reed, and all the other super heroes are too busy to help.

So Sue goes to Doom. Together with Johnny and Ben, they fight Overmind until Stranger shows up. He tells some cockammie story about another race or something and then shrinks Overmind down to nothing.

I told you this was bonkers.

And the story is over.

Buscema is now the regular artist.  His run would last for about the next hundred issues.  It wasn’t unbroken, so he didn’t come close to Jack Kirby’s amazingly consistent run, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

And it may be sacrilege to say this, but I like him more than Jack.

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