THOR #33-35 (2001): Thor Girl

Zarrko is in the future with an alternate future version of Gladiator, trying to kill Thor.  (For simplicity, I’ve tagged Gladiator as appearing here—even though it’s not the 616 version.)

At the same time, without explanation, this girl appears on Earth looking for Thor.

She finds him and hits him a bunch of time.

Then they team up and fight Gladiator.

Apparently, Zarrko and Gladiator are trying to prevent a prophecy where Thor is responsible for “The Reigning,” wherein Thor will bring all kinds of bad stuff to Earth.  The story ends with Thor Girl still a thing, Gladiator and Zarrko giving up trying to prevent The Reigning, and Odin waking up from Odinsleep—with his own knowledge of The Reigning.

I’m guessing that will be the next big arc?

Oh and Odin strips Thor of his immortal self again…

I’m kind of tired of that happening.

While all this is going on, Ulik is planning to invade Asgard because the rock trolls are hungry and Asgard has all the food.  And also Enchantress is winding up to do some mischief.

Dan Jurgens’ run on Thor is very good, but many of the elements here are “been there, done that” things.  I dig the Thor Girl character, though.

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