DAZZLER #23-24 (1983)

Issue #23 is basically a standalone story of Dazzler versus an arsonist named “Flame,” but it also advances the Brotherhood vs. Dazzler storyline a bit, and Allison hires Power Man and Iron Fist to protect her from the B-hood.  She shows her tits and gets a “special rate.”

Mystique wants to slow down the attacks against Angel and Dazzler, but Rogue is impatient and decides to go it alone against Dazzler.  Rogue’s pretty frickin’ crazy.

But her kick neatly strips the screws of the door to Allison’s apartment.  Awfully considerate of Rogue not to do any damage to the frame or the door itself.  Then Dazz and her bodyguards fight Rogue.

Iron Fist calls Power Man “Lucas.”  I don’t think he’s ever done that before.

It all ends when Dazzler convinces Rogue that her revenge plot is lame because the X-Men all died in space recently.

Angel, who is trying to get into Dazzler’s pants, stays in hiding for the whole issue.  He’s really portrayed as a horrible, horrible person in this series.  I wonder what he ever did to piss author Danny Fingeroth off?

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