MARVEL VALUE STAMP #22: Man-Thing (1974)

2 thoughts on “MARVEL VALUE STAMP #22: Man-Thing (1974)”

  1. Marvel Value Stamps! Boy, THAT’s a blast from the past! Wish I still had my old stampbook! Had the whole thing fully completed, and, boy, was it an expensive ordeal to accomplish! Considering how omnipresent Wolverine is in Marvel Comics, he seems conspicuously absent from this stampbook, but the stampbook was issued the same year as Wolverine’s first appearance in ‘Incredible Hulk’s’ #180-181, so the first set of Marvel Value Stamps actually predated Wolverine, and the stampbook is loaded with a bunch of lame-o characters like Byrrah ( #92 ) and the “Living” Mummy, and the Golem, and “It”, the Living Colossus, etc. Beautiful Marvel Girl was there, ( #69 ) back when it wasn’t unacceptable to call her “Marvel Girl”, lifted from the cover of ‘Uncanny X-Men’#39. I would totally live in the Marvel Earth-616 of the early Seventies, if I could. Anyway, the Thing and the Incredible Hulk must have been so happy at the arrival of the Man-Thing in 616, because Manny makes those two look like George Clooney and Brad Pitt by comparison! Word!


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