AVENGERS #26/441 (2000)

Captain America assembles a new team that has Ms. Marvel and Genis-Vell. The title says “Not the Earth’s mightiest heroes” but…That’s a pretty strong team.

Only…that’s not Captain America on the cover. It’s Taskmaster in disguise, and the whole thing is a set-up to make the Avengers look bad. It’s yet another attempt, one of many in this ongoing storyline, by the group Triune Understanding to cause the team to fall into disrespute.

Rick Jones saves the day, but the damage to the heroes’ reputation is complete.


  • ms marvel drunk

Another Avenger is a drunk.  This time it’s Ms. Marvel.

Stuart Immonen was a good fill-in artist choice for this issue–particularly the Danvers storyline, which is darker and more somber than most of the rest of Kurt Busiek’s issues.  It’s a solid character piece, a nice interlude before a couple longer action-filled arcs starring the always-kinda-silly and always awesome Taskmaster. 

It also represents the first concept I’m aware of of the “Secret Avengers”–a covert team assembled by Captain America to fulfill missions that the main team couldn’t accomplish.

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