There is a new Supreme Hydra and he likes to do puppet shows.

That’s freakin’ awesome. I love Mark Waid. Also in this issue, he rips the arm off one of his lackeys and then swings it around like a baseball bat.

Meanwhile, last issue, Cap lost his shield. Tony makes him a new one, but the balance is off.

This comic is just fantastic.

New Supreme’s Hydra attacks the Smithsonian Museum, with two innocent kids stuck inside.

He tries to throw the new shield to save the kids, but it misfires. He ends up getting shot and losing the new shield.

So he grabs his WWII relic shield from the Smithsonian display, and saves the day.

To prove himself, the new Supreme Hydra hires Batroc, and Hawkeye helps Cap defeat him.

Meanwhile, Red Skull is back as some kind of shadow monster…

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