AVENGERS #13-15/#428-430 (1999): 1st Lord Templar

The New Warriors are re-forming, so Vance Astro has to decide whether to go back with his old pals or keep being an Avengers reserve member.


Best use of superpowers ever.

After the pizza party, Vance And Firestar join their old team-mates for a battle against AIM.

Back at Avengers Mansion, Scarlet Witch is missing her relationship with Vision–despite having brought Wonder Man back from the dead and starting up a love thang with him.

Turns out, Vision has his memories back.

But despite that their relationship is one of the most firmly entrenched in the Marvel universe, she decides to stay with Wonder Man.

But with several senior members missing, her romantic feelings will have to wait: She’s voted in as temporary leader of the team.

The New Warriors’ adventure leads to Lord Templar–a new villain.

He was a child in India whose entire village was wiped out by a virus, but as his family died he absorbed the spirits of his brothers. He is trying to become a cult leader, and part of his plan is to defeat the Avengers and gain the appreciation of the anti-supers crowd. Lord Templar is just one of his avatars. Or something like that–honestly, as a villain he wasn’t all that interesting.

He set up the battle with AIM and when that wasn’t enough to discredit The Avengers, he blows a building and blames the heroes.

But the best part is almost an aside.

In issue #14, Beast learns that Wonder Man is alive and comes to the Mansion to renew their bromance.

And also to drink and eat with Vision.

Randomly, during this scene, there’s a hard break on the fourth wall…

This series hasn’t done this kind of thing before. It’s odd. They keep interrupting for the subplots.

breaking the fourth wall

Frankly, the subplots were the best parts of these issues so…They knew what they were doing.

The cliffhanger promises a return of Ultron. I found an unfinished version of the final panel.

Cool. But it won’t happen until after a fill-in by Jerry Ordway.

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