Legion of Night #1-2 (1991)

Happy Halloween!  October 1991 saw the launch of Legion of Night, a two-issue special featuring a bunch of characters most readers had never heard of unless they were obsessive fans.  Like Chan Liuchow, who summoned Fin Fang Foom for the first time back in the 1960s, and former boy/girlfriends of occult characters like Lilith and Son of Satan.  And Jennifer Kale, a witch from the old Man-Thing series.

It’s basically Steve Gerber getting a chance to write a prestige-format two-issue miniseries about some of the weird occult characters he created, including his reunion with Man-Thing.

That’s not really Man-Thing. The character appears in a vision to give Jennifer Kale instructions on forming the Legion of Night.

None of this is bad, none of it is great.

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