X-FACTOR #5-6 (1986): 1st Apocalypse; L Simonson run begins

The first Apocalypse story in the first issue written by Louise Simonson. I had no idea that the future movie star first appeared in X-Factor and was created by Simonson! Yes, he technically appeared as En Sabah Nu, briefly, in the Living Monolith graphic novel, but this is the real dude.

Frenzy and Tower are now in a group called “The Alliance of Evil” (along with two others called Stinger and Timeshadow who are so insignificant that they aren’t worth tagging), and they compete with X-Factor over a new mutant named Michael Nowlan.  The Alliance wins, and takes the mutant back to their master–Apocalypse.

The X-Factor team tracks them down for a second battle, Nowlan dies, and Apocalypse retreats after announcing that his goal is to accelerate mutant evolution.

Subplot: Scott suspects Jean is returning to being Phoenix.

But didn’t Rachel Summers manifest the Phoenix Force? And wouldn’t Scott know that already?

Not the best idea–this is something they could have left alone.

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