NEW X-MEN #133 (2002): 1st Dust

With storylines spread out around the world, Grant Morrison doesn’t slow down. The new X-Corporation expands to Mumbai, where they shut down a black market selling mutant slaves and rescuing the woman on the cover. Actually, Wolverine goes to shut it down…

…Only to find Fantomex has already done the job. In his arms is Dust. Fantomex advises that, in fact, it is Dust who killed the slavers.

Wolverine brings Dust back to the X-Corporations new base, where she disappears. Phoenix uses Cerebra to ascertain that Dust has not left or disappeared, she has simply dissolved…She literally can crumble to dust and re-form.


At the same time, Professor X survives a sniper’s assassination attempt when he lands at Mumbai, and the shooter is Lilandra–who still thinks Xavier is actually Cassandra Nova. After being convinced that Nova is dead and she faces the real Xavier, she tells him that the Shi’Ar is severing ties because the Phoenix has hatched and must be “disinfected.”

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