AVENGERS #57-61/#472-476 (2002-2003): World Trust; Geoff Johns run begins

Yes, before Geoff Johns wrote for DC he wrote for Marvel. 

Johns starts by having Yellowjacket pout into his Chinese take-out while Wasp catches readers up on how the U.S. Government has clamped down on the team lineup.

avengers world trust

They’re in Washington, D.C. to testify to Congress on the Avengers’ membership.

The couple then go to the National Gallery to admire Georgia O’Keefe, while the narrative moves to Captain America leading some of his close friends into battle against Mister Hyde.

Soon after, several world capitals (D.C., London, Latveria, etc.) are swallowed up by a dark force.

There are many Scorpios. The Zodiac gang has a constantly rotating generic membership. Many “key holders” as Scorpio puts it.

But this one is special. The dudes in robes around him are the Brotherhood of Ankh. So, this Scorpio gets his own tag.

Hank and Wasp are inside the dark bubble around Washington, where the newest Scorpio is up to no good.

Outside, Scarlet Witch’s tarot cards identify a distress call from In-Betweener.

He advises Capt’s team that the dark force is down to Scorpio wielding the Zodiac Key. The Zodiac Key actually splits In-Betweener’s White and Dark selves and the team has to reunite them.

The ideas are good, the story is good, but the best part is Thor using Cap’s shield.

avengers 475

A great panel, and some of Kieron Dwyer’s best work. Often, a “big” moment in Thor stories is when someone lifts Mjolnir. It’s nice to see that flipped around this time.

By the end, The Avengers save everyone, leading to the United Nations asking the heroes to take responsibility for the world:


Issue #45 ends with Scorpio still on the loose, forming a new Zodiac Gang. This is a great ending because we KNOW Geoff Johns is going to rejigger The Avengers’ roster, but four issues in and he still hasn’t done it.

Issue #46 finally gets us to the new roster. But first, Vision poses for a picture.


Lineup change issues are always fun.

Here’s the new lineup:

Also, Henry Peter Gyrich is installed to spy on the new team.

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