Web of Spider-Man #74-76 (1991): Art Attack!

Last issue took place at an Alicia Masters art opening, and this three-issue arc involves some super-powered performance artists called the Avant-Guard who blanket New York in a freak snowstorm.

One of them, The Painter, has had a few appearances in places other than this arc.

He’s a flesh sack full of cockroaches. Don’t ask.

Anyway, about that snowstorm…A bunch of other heroes from Avengers, X-Men and New Warriors help New Yorkers manage the weather, which enables this…

…All three characters from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, together.  Nice. I wonder if some of these scenes were off the cutting-room floor from the Casket of Winters event? To balance out that cool appearance, there’s Speedball.

But also the other New Warriors…

Also, Superman and Lois Lane. And Spider-Man seems to take a nutshot.

It’s a reasonably fun issue with lots of guest stars—has a very 1980s feel, which is nice given how the rest of Marvel’s books are getting pretty dark, pretty fast.

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