PUNISHER #11 (1996): Onslaught Tie-In

“The Fall of the SHIELD Helicarrier.”

This is a good comic, but from that tagline you’d think it was something special. Honestly, based on my tag below, it seems like SHIELD’s helicarriers spend more time falling then taking off.

SHIELD is fighting off a Sentinel invasion in New York, as part of the Onslaught Event. Punisher helps, and continues the team up in a battle against X-Cutioner and the Mutant Liberation Front and, of course, Simon Trask’s latest “kill all mutant” effort. There are mutants involved so nothing is clear and there are lots of people introduced who you don’t need to remember because they’re never seen again.

This book has been a smart, intricately plotted crime book up to now. These issue are different. It’s all action. It’s good–better than most X-tie ins, for sure–but it’s also a big left turn.

Plotwise, it’s getting Punisher in good with SHIELD after being accused of killing Nick Fury. Honestly, they kinda forgive him too easily.

The story also introduces a new character for the series, SHIELD agent Kimberly Taylor.

This book also tells the world that Punisher was not, in fact, executed on death row–because the new reports on his participation helping SHIELD. But Punisher is, once again, believed dead (in an explosion) at the end.

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