IMG_0318 JLA #200 was excellent and full of promise, and I’d hopped Gerry Conway would continue on that trajectory. But sadly, the issues that followed didn’t go the same way. We got serviceable art by the likes of Don Heck and Rich Buckler, but JLA became a novelty act again—like they had in the early 1970s.

superman juggling elephantsYeah, this kind of stuff may be fun, but even when they’re going for high drama it’s silly.

jla card mazeThey can’t break giant playing cards? Oh, and Atom held down by string—a la Gulliver’s Travels…


These are not easy issues to get through, but I make the sacrifices for you.

IMG_0324 IMG_0325

Even the JSA team up isn’t great. There’s that awesome George Perez cover, a tweak of the standard “heroes running at each other” cover, but then we get a splash page by Heck that makes one suspect he really wanted to do the cover, also, but DC knew Perez would sell more units.

It’s not all Gerry’s fault, either. There’s a few guest writers here and there. But the series is starting to show its wear.

Check it out the whole JLA page, here!


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