Clint Barton finds out that his ex-wife Bobbi Morse is being held by Mephisto, and goes after her.

The team follows.

When he enters Hell, he finds Daimon Hellstrom is now in charge.

He explains that all the confusing Hells are now merged, and Son of Satan has the keys to all the sub-realms.

Hawkeye and the team then fight their way through dead guys like Swordsman, Angar the Screamer, etc. Of course it ends up being a trick–Son of Satan used Hawkeye to save Patsy Walker, not Bobbi Morse.

This is all a decent comic, but it’s really not one I want to read from Fabian Nicieza. He doesn’t have the right voice for it–because it could have much better than decent.

Story #2 is a three-page character study of Karla Sofen.

For some reason, she has to be naked in it.

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