MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #164-167 (1994): Man-Thing

The Ted Sallis side of Man-Thing, which I don’t recall ever emerging before, narrates a look back at his origin, adding some details but nothing we really need to know as readers. The narrative device has “Ted” meeting “Man-Thing” (all symbolically/in his imagination of course)–which feels a little too similar to Hulk for my tastes, i.e., the idea of Ted being trapped inside the monster.

Still, Man-Thing appears relatively infrequently and his origin has not been redone in a long time, so this seems like a good use of an anthology comic.

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  1. Ted Sallis made a very brief appearance in the very first issue of “Marvel Two-In-One”- or, as it was actually lettered on that first-issue’s cover- “Marvel Two-ON-One”- ( which is actually not an incorrect description of the comic’s contents- two Marvel superheroes, (the Thing and the Man-Thing ) “on” one Marvel Supervillain- the Molecule Man! ) and, said molecule-manipulating supervillain was actually considerate enough of Dr. Sallis’ modesty to readorn him in the same safari outfit which he sported at the time of his initial transformation into the Man-Thing! I just love supervillains with a sense of class! That’s why I own and enjoy the complete 007 filmography! “Ah, Mr. Bond- how good of you to join us for the evening’s preceedings! Mmmm, yes.”


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