MARVEL SUPER HEROES #18 (1969): 1st Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Super Heroes was an anthology comic that pretty much sucked all around.  And by #21 it was all reprints anyway.  But there was this quiet little issue that introduced The Guardians of the Galaxy.  No, not the movie stars.  The original team.  The one introduced at the end of GotG2.

The characters all look like they could be Earth heroes, and their power sets are pretty standard–and pretty close to the original Avengers.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to see a new band of heroes, and I can appreciate how hard it is to launch new characters in a franchise book.

The story is a pretty typical one, about underdogs overcoming odds, and it ends paraphrasing a Civil Rights anthem…

Still, you can’t deny its importance. Elevates it from a D+ to a C.

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