X-MAN #8-10 (1995)

Nate gets attacked by an assassin and saved by Dark Beast, who reveals that he comes from the same future timeline where Mister Sinister created X-Man. Beast tells X-Man he is a very powerful weapon, created to kill Apocalypse, but now that that threat is over, he offers to help Nate rule the world.

Nate says no thank you (there’s punching of course), but the conflict triggers memories that Professor X exists in this timeline, so Nate goes to seek him out.

But Blaquesmith beats him to it, going to see the Professor himself and telling him that Nate is a potential threat. X reaches out psychically, but rather than accept the connection, X-Man thinks Charles is attacking him. Nate is more powerful than Professor X and is able to hide.

The encounter convinces Charles Xavier that X-Man must be hunted down because he is too dangerous to be left alone.

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