AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #62 (1968): vs Medusa


Glamazon.  Nice. This is obviously a frontal (no pun intended) attack on Wonder Woman.

This is the first time Spider-Man fights a female supervillain.

So technically it’s the first time he hits a girl.

The fight is an accident.  Her ridiculous flying craft accidentally cuts Spider-Man’s web while he’s swinging….

She’s not sorry, and flies off.

Why does she need an average person’s view?

The reason she needs an average man is because she’s become the face of a new hair company in an ad campaign and wants to know if it’s worth doing. Certainly not the first time a villain has used the media to rehabilitate their own image.

Not sure why they thought hiring a supervillain to sell product would be a good idea.

Spidey’s own rep has him as a villain too. But of course it backfires…

The exec gets fired in the end.

Simple, fun story.

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