Incredible Hulk #363 (1989): Acts of Vengeance

Dr. Doom hires Grey Gargoyle to take on the Hulk, and Grey Gargoyle, as a sculptor, is not a fan of “gray on gray.”

Doom also reveals his true evil intention as an art investor: If Gargoyle dies, the Tupac factor will make his art that much more valuable.

Gargoyle runs Hulk over with a steamroller.

But then Hulk beats the snot out of him.

That sums it up.  There’s also a little bit with Madman, but this is pretty much an all-fight issue. Which honestly is never a bad thing in an issue of Hulk.

I know a lot of people dislike Acts of Vengeance, but I think it’s fun.

Here’s the full fight between Gargoyle and Hulk. It’s pretty epic.

Dan Quayle. Priceless.

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