X-MAN #63-66 (2000)

Two amazing writers plus an amazing artist. Excellent.

This takes place 6 months after the last issue–as part of the 2000 X-“Revolution.”

It’s very good, albeit not very “important.” X-Man learns of a group of mutants who can access alternate realities (a pet topic for Warren Ellis, especially at this point in his career). Some adults (called “The Gauntlet”) kidnap them and force them to use their powers, but when they do they unleash an interdimensional “down-spiral” monster on Earth. Turns out, the child mutants used by the Gauntlet, were the down-spiral’s children.

X-Man takes care of the problem, with a fitting “gotcha” ending.

This sequence reflects the essence of this story:

Previous writers of X-Man have consistently written of him as a messianic character, but this is the best rendition so far. It shows the balance between protecting mutants, saving innocents, and balancing those goals when they are in conflict.

More horror than superhero, this is a strong story.

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