UNCANNY X-MEN #151-152 (1981)

Kitty’s parents pull her out of Xavier’s school and send her to the Massachusetts Academy (home of the Hellfire Club).

Nice moments between Kitty and the team before she leaves.

Storm drives her there, Emma Frost takes over Storm’s mind, and the Hellfires go back to attack Xavier’s school.

With some Sentinels along to help.

The X-Men are kidnapped (again) and taken to the Hellfire Club base (again).

Wolverine encounters Angelo Macon, Wade Cole, and Murray Reese, the Hellfire Club guards who he cut to pieces in X-Men #133. They are cyborgs now. They don’t love him.

And after he escapes, Wolverine chooses not to kill them.

A fight ensues. Emma hijack’s Storm’s powers but can’t control them.

And she accidentally electrocutes Sebastian Shaw. Don’t worry, he’s not dead.

But he is critically injured, forcing Frost to say the Hellfire Club will go into hiding for a while.

Dave Cockrum sits out the interior art for this, but still does the covers.

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