WOLVERINE #111-114 (1997)

Last issue was a filler story, so this one picks up where #109 left off–with Wolverine returning home to the Xavier Institute after having visited Japan. While he was gone, a package arrived from Zoe Culloden.

Wolverine spends times with friends and, quite literally, ghosts. The ghost of Mariko speaks to him and an evil spirit offers to resurrect her, but Wolverine rejects the offer–and Stick appears to tell him this is a sign of things to come.

Wolverine takes the package to New York City, where he fights a juggling mime possessed by the same evil spirit.

Turns out, it’s the package from Culloden that’s the source of all this mystical stuff. Damian Hellstorm senses it and arrives to help. Lady Deathstrike also wants the box.

Hellstrom looks terrible.

More mystical stuff. Hellstrom casts out the demon, who, it turns out, was Wolverine’s dead teacher Ogun.

I’m not really sure where Larry Hama was intending to go with all this because it’s kind of random, but at the same time it feels like he was building up to something.

Sadly, it will be interrupted by Operation Zero Tolerance.

Leinil Yu joins as artist in issue #114.

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