X-FORCE #27-28 (1993)

Henry Peter Gyrich has been a non-powered supervisor of the super-powered for literally decades, and this is the first time super villains have attacked his home.  It’s a great idea–as soon as I started issue #27 I wondered why nobody thought of it sooner.  But at least one person in the 616 knew it would happen, because Gyrich got super-powered sentries to meet the Mutant Liberation Front’s home invasion.

But it’s not enough.  Gyrich is kidnapped, Nick Fury tries to push Professor X to save him, X refuses, and so Valerie Cooper brings in the X-Force.

The team learns that Dani Moonstar is now with the MLF.

Many MLFers are just cyphers of X-Force heroes. The swordsmen Shatterstar and Wildside fight.

Warpath fights Forearm.

Also during the battle, MLF member Locus and X-Forcer Sunspot fight, and their similar powers have a strange reaction, causing them to vanish a burst of energy.  We don’t know where they are at the end of the story.

We do know where Gyrich is, though.  He’s rescued, ungrateful, and, by the very end of the story, has a very sore jaw. 

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