Heroes for Hire #15-16, Quicksilver #11-12, Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 98 (1998): Siege of Wundagore

Quicksilver and his Knights help High Evolutionary re-take Wundagore Mountain back from Exodus and the Acolytes. White Tiger, who was created by High Evolutionary, brings her new pals the Heroes for Hire in to help.

Quicksilver #9 was in the middle of the “Kree or Die” crossover, and issue #10 is the second of the five-part Siege of Wundagore. Regular readers of the series must have been frustrated.

Anyway, it’s a decent story but not great. It’s hard to write a great story with the Acolytes. A few interesting things along the way include High Ev “devolving” some of the H4H team due to a misunderstanding when White Tiger recognizes that Ev’s enemy, Man-Beast, has infiltrated the Knights of Wundagore. When White Tiger is injured, Iron Fist fists her.

That’s Jane Foster in the background, helping out with science stuff.

Man-Beast has become incredibly powerful and uses his psychic powers to take control of Lady Ursula, one of the Knights, who kills herself rather than harm her own teammates.

Magneto is lurking in the background, making sure that the Acolytes won’t hurt Quicksilver despite the speedster is against them in this conflict. Amelia Voght is the one who is watching over Quicksilver, which will become important when Magneto takes over his own island nation–which happens in “real time” 1999’s Magneto Rex series.

During the fight, Quicksilver mutates himself and gets Magneto-like powers. Temporarily.

Black Knight fights Exodus–they’ve fought in the past, long ago. If you’re a fan of Black Knight, this will resonate with you. If you’re not a fan of Black Knight, join the club. He’s dumb.

After seeing High Evolutionary mutate and become even more powerful, Quicksilver flips sides. And takes on the role as leader of the Acolytes.

I mean, call it nepotism, but the Acolytes are supposed to follow Magneto and Quicksilver is his son after all.

He re-volves the Heroes for Hire and leads the Acolytes against High Ev. In the end, Quicksilver is able to convince High Evolutionary to stop the madness. H.E. quits being a God but as one of his final acts, he grants White Tiger’s wish to become an animal again.

This is her final appearance.

High Evolutionary ends the story in a relatively stable place, which means Quicksilver can stop leading the Knights of Wundagore. Next issue will end his series. Quicksilver leaves the Knights in the hands of Dane Whitman, who quits the Heroes for Hire team.

H4H ends their role in this story with a “family” moment.

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