X-MEN #27 (1966): New Uniforms; Mimic joins

Mimic blasts a kettle off his head.  He’s got the powers of ever single X-Man, and that’s what he does.

Mimic is terrible, and even Professor X knows it. He starts trying to recruit other folks.

He uses telepathy. I guess when Wanda hears a voice in her head that says it’s Professor X, she just believes it.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver decline, ’cause they’re Avengers now.

Spider-Man isn’t in the mood.

But he does offer a kewpie doll.

And Puppet Master has a new costume. He takes control of Mimic and makes them fight.

After they stop him and free him from Puppet Master’s thrall, he voices insecurity. Seriously? Mimic is easily the most powerful X-Man.

And speaking of new costume, Jean designs new costumes for the team. (But I thought she quit???)

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