AVENGERS #105 (1972)

Hawkeye continues to flirt with Wanda.

She doesn’t like it, while Vision continues to appear not to care. 

Actually, that’s not what she’s yelling about on that splashpage. She’s actually yelling at Iron Man, who is nagging her about staying up all day and all night searching on the monitors for Quicksilver.

As for Vision, he’s not ignoring Wanda. The reality is, he’s distracted by Grim Reaper’s offer to put his mind in the body of Simon Williams and finally make him human.  He’s Pinocchio, dreaming of being a real boy. He turned it down, but he’s got some regrets.

The main story in this issue is the return of Lorelei–not the Asgardian, the Magneto mutate who lives in the Savage Land.

The Avengers go to the Savage Land on their search for Quicksilver, but don’t find him.  It’s very cool to see the mystery of his whereabouts unfold slowly.  

Also, it’s nice to see a Savage Land adventure that doesn’t involve Ka-Zar.

Lorelei is able to user her siren powers to charm everyone except Vision, who is not human. So Vision saves the day. But he is not happy about it.

Vision still longs to be human and his longing looks a lot like sulking. He’s upset that Lorelei was NOT able to enthrall him.

Someone needs to explain to him that hypnosis is not love.

Vision also beats up some frog men.

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  1. I agree. The Savage Land is massive. I would estimate it’s land-area to be approximately the same as Texas. So- running into Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil, and Zabu the Kitty-Cat every time somebody travels there is highly illogical. I also don’t believe that every Marvel character’s visit to Florida has to result in an encounter/battle with the Man-Thing. ( and yet, it always does ) This story’s writer, Steve Englehart, was a HUGE X-Men fanatic in the early Seventies, and he was constantly writing them into his projects. ( ‘Amazing Adventures’#’s 11-16, ‘Avengers’#110-111, ‘Captain America&the Falcon’s#172-175, among others ) This issue was a mild sequel to Thomas&Adams’ ‘X-Men’#’s 62-63, which was made clear by the scene where the Black Panther unearths the Angel’s discarded costume, which had been destroyed by the Angel’s violent descent into the Savage Land. Apparently, Savage Land denizens have access to copious amounts of Miss Clairol, because, in Lorelei’s previous appearance in the aforementioned ‘X-Men’#63, Lorelei was a blonde! Now her hair is even redder than Marvel Girl’s! ( must be where she got the idea, after Marvel Girl kicked her ass in the conclusion of ‘X-Men’#63! ) As for the Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch/Vision triangle, well- even in 1972, I could see where THAT was going. Witchie-Poo wanted the android over her hunky, flesh-and-blood teammates for the same reason why most young women select illogical mates- rebellion!! Rebellion against the status quo!! The hell of the whole thing is that ANY OTHER Avenger would have made a better- and probably more permanent mate- than an ANDROID!! Hawkeye would have spent the rest of his life worshipping her, but some women just aren’t into that. No, no,- marry a SYNTHETIC “man”, with NO EMOTIONS, and let’s see how THAT works out!! We found out in ‘West Coast Avengers’#42 that emotions aren’t the ONLY “thing” that the Vision lacks!! But, THAT’S okay- Mr. and Mrs. Vision had a “spiritual” relationship! ( ooooooooookay……. ) Sif’s presence in these issues was welcome, but Buscema drew her as a bit of a bikini-bunny, instead of the statuesque goddess that she is! Asgardians- including the women- are BIG. Sif is actually taller than most of the male Avengers- ( except for six-foot-six Thor, of course ) but Buscema failed to convey that. Considering what a god of the industry he was, however, I am willing to forgive him for this oversight. ( hopefully, some editor eventually corrected him on this point ) As disappointed as we all were that this X-cursion into the Savage Land did not produce the missing Quicksilver, nevertheless, any kind of sequel to any of Neal Adam’s ‘X-Men’ classics is always welcome to see. I’d give this particular sequel a ‘B+’- far out!!


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