X-FORCE #42-43 (1995)

These are pre-AoA hiatus issues that plantsseeds, some of which simply are forgotten after the book returns in July. It’s actually some good character work for Warpath, who gets a lot of screentime telling Emma Frost to be more careful with Generation X than she was with the Hellions who, Warpath says, died because they were not trained well.

We also see Cannonball trying to track down Sunspot, who disappeared with Locus during a battle with Mutant Liberation Front. When they finally track down Locus, she says that Sunspot abandoned her.

Note that this will be partially retconned, and Reignfire will later be revealed as an individual entity made from DeCosta’s DNA, who was possessing Sunspot’s body.

We then see Reignfire trying to kill the MLF. When X-Force arrive to help, Reignfire is revealed to be, in fact, Sunspot. But he turns to crystal and…Bam! We’re now in Age of Apocalypse.

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