AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #134-135 (1974): 1st Tarantula!

Why is Tarantula one of my favorite villains?  I have no idea.  He’s not really all that special. But his costume is badass and he has knives in his toes.  Plus, “Tarantula” is much cooler than “Spider-Man.”  Isn’t it?

Anyway, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are on a boat, enjoying a cruise on the Hudson, when the boat gets hijacked by Tarantula and his two silly henchmen.

For some reason, Mary Jane seems to love being hijacked.  in fact, she looks downright insane.  Not sure why she is drawn like that, especially when the girl in the back is clearly terrified, but I think they’re trying to establish her as a very unusual gal.

Anyway, Tarantula is a bad guy and he has a history with Punisher, so guess who else shows up…


Tarantula and Punisher have different ideas of appropriate weaponry.

Spider-Man and Punisher then team up and take down Tarantula.  For some reason, Punisher is okay with not killing Tarantula.  He was pretty much PG back then.

Meanwhile, Harry Osborn is still going nuts and he’s figured out something important…

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